Stanford Ukrainian Community Joint Statement on Russia's War Against Ukraine

To American Leadership and International Stakeholders,

The Stanford community is urging you to respond to the war crimes and blatant violations of international law committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

Since the early morning of Feb. 24 2022, a peaceful, democratic, European nation of over 40 million has been fighting alone against a full-scale Russian invasion, as the world observes from the sidelines. No region in Ukraine has been safe from airstrikes, ballistic missiles, rockets, shells that have indiscriminately attacked schools, kindergartens, orphanages, hospitals, and residential districts, causing significant civilian casualties. Innocent people are regularly dying from unjustifiable Russian aggression.

The current situation continues the pattern of Russian aggression that went unaddressed in Georgia, Syria, Ukrainian Crimea, and Donbas. It threatens international peace and security. In the name of our commitment to democracy and sovereignty, we, the undersigned, implore you to undertake the following actions immediately:

- Support Ukrainian defense with military assistance in the form of defensive weapons, equipment, modern air defense systems, and cybersecurity aid
- Impose the strongest available economic sanctions against the Russian Federation and Belarus
- Isolate the Russian Federation and Belarus economically, technologically, diplomatically
- Provide further financial support to Ukraine
- Provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian citizens in the form of medical supplies, refugee assistance, food, and other essentials
- Provide military-humanitarian airlift for the Ukrainian population, providing the necessary resources to civilians
- Call on major technological companies to sever ties with Russia and Russian businesses

Now is the time to take action.

Signed by:

1. Norman Naimark, Stanford Professor, Dept. of History

2. Fiona Griffiths, Stanford Professor

3. Tom Mullaney, Stanford Professor of History

4. David Holloway, Stanford Professor Emeritus

5. Ana Minian, Stanford History professor

6. Richard Roberts, Stanford Frances and Charles Field Professor, Emeritus, Stanford University

7. Yuliya Ilchuk, Stanford Assistant Professor

8. Steven Zipperstein, Stanford Koshland Professor in Jewish Culture and History

9. Reviel Netz, Stanford Patrick Suppes professor of Greek mathematics and astronomy

10. Margaret Cohen, Stanford Andrew B. Hammond Professor

11. Robert Proctor, Stanford Professor of History

12. Ciprian Manolescu, Stanford Professor of Mathematics

13. Jun Uchida, Stanford Associate Professor of History

14. Karol Berger, Stanford Osgood Hooker Professor in Fine Arts, Emeritus

15. Monika Greenleaf, Stanford Associate Professor

16. Jonathan Berger, Stanford Professor

17. Grant Parker, Stanford Associate Professor

18. Ilya segal, Stanford Professor

19. Gabriella Safran, Stanford Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures

20. Jack Rakove, Stanford Professor of History and Political Science emeritus

21. Richard P. Martin, Stanford Antony and Isabelle Raubitschek Professor in Classics

22. MATTHEW H. SOMMER, Stanford Bowman Family Professor of History, Stanford University

23. Christopher Krebs, Stanford Associate Professor of Classics

24. Jody Maxmin, Stanford Associate Professor, Art History and Classics

25. Andrea Nightingale, Stanford Professor of Classics

26. Hans Bork, Stanford Assistant Professor, Dept. of Classics

27. Paul Phillips, Stanford Associate Professor, Music

28. Ian Morris, Stanford Professor

29. Nancy Kollmann, Stanford William H. Bonsall Professor in History

30. Stephen Hinton, Stanford Professor, Department of Music

31. Gordon H. Chang, Stanford Professor of History

32. Anastasia Peponi, Stanford Professor

33. Steven Press, Stanford Assistant Professor of History

34. Nancy J. Troy, Stanford Victoria and Roger Sant Professor in Art, Stanford University

35. Thomas S. Grey, Stanford Professor, Music

36. Jacopo Borga, Stanford Professor of Mathematics

37. Brian White, Stanford Professor of Mathematics

38. Gregory (Grisha) Freidin, Stanford Professor Emeritus

39. Brian Conrad, Stanford Professor of Mathematics

40. Ralph L Cohen, Stanford Barbara Kimball Browning Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus

41. David Goldhaber-Gordon, Stanford Professor of Physics

42. Michael McFaul, Stanford Professor

43. Jan Vondrak, Stanford Professor, Dept. of Mathematcs

44. Rafe Mazzeo, Stanford Professor, Department of Mathematics

45. Steven Kerckhoff, Stanford Professor of Mathematics

46. Bob Bathrick, Stanford Professor

47. Kannan Soundararajan, Stanford Professor of Mathematics

48. David Hoffman, Stanford Consulting Research Professor, Department of Mathematics, Stanford

49. Judith Frydman, Stanford Professor, Biology Dept, Stanford University

50. Stephen Shenker, Stanford Professor of Physics, Stanford University

51. Vera Gribanova, Stanford Associate Professor, Stanford Linguistics

52. W.E. Moerner, Stanford Harry S. Mosher Professor

53. Peter F. Michelson, Stanford Professor of Physics

54. R. Lanier Anderson, Stanford Professor, Philosophy

55. Steven Allan Kivelson, Stanford Professor of Physics

56. Or Gozani, Stanford Professor

57. Jan M. Skotheim, Stanford Professor of Biology

58. Sara Dillon, Stanford Professor, Suffolk Law School; Stanford PhD1988

59. Aron Rodrigue, Stanford Professor of History

60. Dale Thompson, Stanford Professor of Ethics & Business Law, UST

61. Yi Cui, Stanford Professor of Materials Science

62. Shoshana Vasserman, Stanford Assistant Professor of Economics

63. Melanie Morten, Stanford Associate Professor

64. Emanuele Lugli, Stanford Assistant Professor, Art and Art History

65. Mehran Sahami, Stanford Professor

66. Matthew Kanan, Stanford Associate Professor of Chemistry

67. Jean-Claude Latombe, Stanford Professor, Emeritus, Stanford University

68. Matthew Bogyo, Stanford Professor of Pathology and Microbiology and Immunology

69. Omer Reingold, Stanford Professor

70. Grant M. Rotskoff, Stanford Assistant Professor of Chemistry

71. Philip Levis, Stanford Associate Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

72. James K. Chen, Stanford Professor and Chair, Department of Chemical and Systems Biology

73. Hongjie Dai, Stanford Professor

74. Joanna Wysocka, Stanford Professor, Dept. of Chemical and Systems Biology, Dept. of Developmental Biology

75. Susan Holmes, Stanford Professor of Statistics

76. Shanhui Fan, Stanford Professor, Stanford University

77. Trevor Hastie, Stanford Professor of Statistics and Biomedical Data Science

78. lambertus Hesselink, Stanford Professor Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics

79. Chaitan Khosla, Stanford Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

80. Justin Du Bois, Stanford Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry

81. David, Stanford Professor, Electrical Engineering

82. Brad Osgood, Stanford Professor of Electrical Engineering

83. Emmanuel Candes, Stanford Professor of Statistics and Mathematics

84. Mendel Rosenblum, Stanford Cheriton Family Professor in the School of Engineering, Stanford University

85. Juan Rivas, Stanford Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

86. John Duchi, Stanford Associate Professor of Statistics and Electrical Engineering

87. Dan Congreve, Stanford Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

88. Clark Barrett, Stanford Professor (Research)

89. Art Owen, Stanford professor of Statistics

90. Roger T Howe, Stanford Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering

91. Kevin Grimes, Stanford Professor, Chemical and Systems Biology

92. Andras Vasy, Stanford Professor of Mathematics

93. Robert B. Laughlin, Stanford Professor of Physics, Stanford University

94. Marc A. Kastner, Stanford Adjunct Professor of Physics, Stanford University

95. Paul Switzer, Stanford Professor

96. Bianxiao Cui, Stanford Professor of Chemistry

97. H.-S. Philip Wong, Stanford Willard R. and Inez Kerr Bell Professor in the School of Engineering, Stanford University

98. Mark Horowitz, Stanford Professor

99. Bryant Lin, Stanford Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine

100. Andrea Montanari, Stanford Professor in Electrical Engineering and Statistics

101. Steven Banik, Stanford Assistant Professor

102. Evaleen Jones, MD, Stanford Clinical Professor Medicine

103. Baldeep Singh, Stanford Clinical professor

104. Latha Palaniappan, Stanford University Professor of Medicine

105. Michael B. Stevens, Stanford Clinical Professor

106. Heather Henri, Stanford MD, FACP Associate Professor Stanford

107. Olav Solgaard, Stanford professor

108. Possu Huang, Stanford Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

109. Aaron Straight, Stanford Professor and Chair of Biochemistry

110. Peter S. Kim, Stanford Professor of Biochemistry

111. Maya Kumar, Stanford Assistant Professor

112. Nathanael Schiander Gray, Stanford Professor

113. Jianghong Rao, Stanford Professor

114. Karlene Cimprich, Stanford Professor, Chemical and Systems Biology

115. Gheorghe Chistol, Stanford Assistant Professor

116. Ed Solomon, Stanford Professor in Chemistry and Photon Science

117. Lynette Cegelski, Stanford Associate Professor of Chemistry

118. Benjamin Van Roy, Stanford Professor

119. Peter Pinsky, Stanford Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering

120. Dwight Nishimura, Stanford Professor, Electrical Engineering

121. Heather Hadlock, Stanford Associate Professor

122. linda barman, Stanford clinical assistant professor. Stanford School of Medicine

123. Gilbert Chu, Stanford Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry

124. Sharon Long, Stanford Professor, Biology

125. Jonathan Luk, Stanford Associate professor, Mathematics

126. Anne Aghavny Kiremidjian, Stanford The C. L. Peck, Class of 1906 Professor in Engineering

127. Greg Deierlein, Stanford Professor of Engineering

128. Jack Baker, Stanford Professor

129. Giorgio Gratta, Stanford Professor of Physics

130. [email protected], Stanford Associate Professor

131. Ayfer Ozgur, Stanford Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

132. Rodolfo Dirzo, Stanford Professor, Biology

133. Susan Olzak, Stanford Emerita Professor of Sociology at Stanford

134. Kathryn Stoner, Stanford Director and Senior Fellow, CDDRL and freeman Spogli institute

135. Steven Pifer, Stanford William Perry Fellow, CISAC

136. Igor Barakaiev, Stanford Undergraduate Student

137. Andrii Torchylo, Stanford Undergraduate Student

138. Anastasiia Malenko, Stanford Undergraduate Student

139. Kateryna Sliunkova, Stanford MA in Education/MBA candidate

140. Solomiia Savchuk, Stanford Medical Student

141. Pournima Narayanan, Stanford Graduate student

142. Marcello Chang, Stanford Medical Stanford

143. Marlon Seijo, Stanford Medical Student, Stanford University

144. Danielle Pedersen, Stanford MSPA Student

145. Stacie Ong, Stanford Medical Student

146. Ashley Jowell, Stanford Medical student

147. Melissa Eidman, Stanford MS3, Stanford School of Medicine

148. Zoë Weissberg, Stanford Medical Student

149. Lexi Doyle, Stanford Medical Student

150. Milad Torabi, Stanford Medical Student

151. Daryn Longman, Stanford MSPA graduate student

152. Anna Goshua, Stanford Medical Student

153. Grace Li, Stanford Medical Student

154. Santiago Sanchez, Stanford Medical Student, Stanford Med

155. Charlotte Herber, Stanford MD/PhD Candidate

156. Miles McCain, Stanford Undergraduate Student

157. James Reed, Stanford Undergraduate Student

158. Yuliia Bezvershenko, Stanford Visiting Scholar

159. Ben Zuzi, Stanford Undergraduate Student

160. Rinni Bhansali, Stanford Undergraduate Student

161. Michael Keough, Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow

162. Aditi Limaye, Stanford Undergraduate Student

163. Ashley Stevenson, Stanford Medical Student

164. Kiarash Shamardani, Stanford PhD Candidate

165. Vinita Shivakumar, Stanford Medical student

166. Yoon Seok Kim, Stanford Postdoc in Neurology

167. Amisha Iyer, Stanford Undergraduate Student

168. Andrei Molchynsky, Stanford Graduate Student

169. Alex Gureev, Stanford Graduate student

170. Brandon Kenery, Stanford Undergraduate Student

171. Vivian Urness, Stanford Undergraduate Student

172. Josh Gross, Stanford Undergraduate Student

173. Sonya Epifantseva, Stanford Undergraduate Student

174. Julia Lasiota, Stanford Undergraduate Student

175. Rebecca Bromley-Dulfano, Stanford Medical Student

176. Tejas Dharmaraj, Stanford Medical Student

177. Arwa Faruk, Stanford Undergraduate Student

178. Na Young Son, Stanford Undergraduate Student

179. Stephan Sharkov, Stanford Undergraduate Student

180. Nandita Naik, Stanford Undergraduate Student

181. Dilnaz Kamalova, Stanford Undergraduate Student

182. Stella Chung, Stanford Undergraduate Student

183. Shana Levine, Stanford Undergrad

184. Kamilla Nazirkhanova, Stanford PhD student

185. Andrei Mandelshtam, Stanford Undergraduate Student

186. Songnan Wang, Stanford Medical Student

187. Aditya Saligrama, Stanford Undergraduate student

188. Daniel Paavola, Stanford Undergraduate Student

189. Ujwal Srivastava, Stanford Undergraduate student

190. Vivian Lou, Stanford Medical Student

191. Alexander Ren, Stanford Medical Student

192. Divya Gopisetty, Stanford Medical Student

193. Jennifer Rose Milan, Stanford Physician Assistant Student

194. Dong Hur, Stanford Medical Student

195. Ariana O’Malley, Stanford Masters in Physician Assistant Studies

196. Christina Raines, Stanford MSPA S1

197. Haley Morin, Stanford Medical Student

198. Mahad Ahmed, Stanford Medical Student

199. Jakob Nordhagen, Stanford Undergraduate Student

200. Gina Duronio, Stanford M1 student

201. Kendra Jackson, Stanford Medical Student

202. Sajan Mehrotra, Stanford Undergraduate Student

203. Ben Jacobson, Stanford Medical Student

204. Joven Hundal, Stanford Undergraduate Student

205. Rebecca Monge, Stanford Undergraduate

206. Alexa Hui, Stanford Undergraduate Student

207. Pablo Romano, Stanford Medical Student

208. Christopher Lopez, Stanford Medical Student

209. Sean Michael, Stanford Undergraduate Student

210. Eric Berg, Stanford Undergraduate Student

211. Jenny Wang, Stanford Medical Student

212. Anna Köppen-Babcock, Stanford School of Medicine Alumna

213. Davis Chhoa, Stanford Medical Student

214. Melanie Shojinaga, Stanford MSPA1

215. Patrick Lowery, Stanford MSPA Student

216. Willemijn van Deursen, Stanford Medical Student

217. Jessica Yan, Stanford Undergraduate Student

218. Ryan Guan, Stanford Undergraduate Student

219. Rinnara Sangpisit, Stanford Undergraduate student

220. Will Reeves, Stanford MSPA student

221. Juna Yi, Stanford MSPA Student

222. Benjamin Yan, Stanford Undergraduate Student

223. Bryce A. Bagley, Stanford MD Candidate, Stanford University School of Medicine

224. Jonathan Lu, Stanford Medical Student at Stanford

225. Chris Youn, Stanford Medical Student

226. Mark Gardiner, Stanford Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

227. Adrian Delgado, Stanford Medical Student

228. Sara Damore, Stanford Graduate Student

229. Kayla Kulhanek, Stanford Medical Student

230. Xichong Liu, Stanford Medical Student

231. Clarisse Hokia, Stanford Undergraduate Student

232. Arushi Gupta, Stanford Undergraduate Student

233. Jennifer John, Stanford Undergraduate Student

234. Katy Taylor, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar

235. Eder Lomeli, Stanford PhD Candidate

236. Kaylynn Purdy, Stanford Dr. Masters Student

237. Sierra Nota, Stanford PhD Candidate, History

238. Katherine R. Jolluck, Stanford Faculty, Department of History

239. Michal Skreta, Stanford Undergraduate Student

240. Amir Weiner, Stanford Director, Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

241. Isabelle Levent, Stanford Undergraduate Student

242. Emily Pang, Stanford Medical Student

243. Sarah MacHarg, Stanford Undergraduate

244. Fariba Yegan, Stanford PA student

245. John Bennett, Stanford Graduate Student

246. Wills Baird, Stanford Medical Student

247. Lisa Surwillo, Stanford Acting Director of Slavic Studies, Stanford University

248. Chloe Chang, Stanford Undergraduate Student

249. Cristina Danita, Stanford Undergraduate Student

250. Barbara Sanford, Stanford Undergraduate Student

251. Ananya Karthik, Stanford Undergraduate Student

252. Grace Alchemy, Stanford Undergraduate Student

253. Norma Jimenez Ramirez, Stanford Medical Student, Stanford School of Medicine

254. Simon Ertz, PhD, Stanford Hoover Centennial Librarian

255. Catherine Xiang, Stanford Undergraduate Student

256. Sawyer Lucas-Griffin, Stanford Undergraduate student

257. Daria Matviienko, Stanford PhD Student in Economics

258. Abigail Graber, Stanford Undergraduate Student

259. Alec Milton Lessing, Stanford Undergraduate Student

260. Tai Groeneveld, Stanford Undergraduate Student

261. Dmitry, Stanford Undergraduate Student

262. Michael Alisky, Stanford Undergraduate student

263. Tejas Subramaniam, Stanford Undergraduate Student

264. Dolly AuBuchon, Stanford Undergraduate

265. Darya, Stanford Undergraduate student

266. Jessica de la Paz, Stanford Alumni, BS ‘20, MS ‘21

267. Desislava, Stanford Student

268. Bertrand M. Patenaude, Stanford Lecturer

269. Lucy Ma, Stanford Medical Student

270. Anesta Kothari, Stanford Staff

271. Erik Ulman, Stanford Lecturer

272. Bissera, Stanford Prifessor, Art History

273. Marie-Louise Catsalis, Stanford lecturer

274. paul gregory, Stanford research fellow

275. Karin Kutlay, Stanford Undergraduate Student

276. Caroline Murtagh, Stanford Medical School, MS1

277. Stephen Harrison, Stanford Senior Lecturer

278. Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, Stanford Faculty

279. Giovanna Ceserani, Stanford Faculty

280. Siyan Li, Stanford Master's Student

281. François Rose, Stanford Senior Lecturer

282. Melanie Ambler, Stanford Medical Student

283. Karen Van Dyke, Stanford Lecturer, Music Department

284. Lesley Robertson, Stanford Artist in Residence -Stanford

285. Annie Boyle, Stanford Undergraduate Student

286. Valentin Bolotnyy, Stanford Kleinheinz Fellow, Hoover Institution

287. Gregory Wait, Stanford Senior Lecturer, Emeritus

288. Natalie Francis, Stanford Undergraduate Student

289. Peter David Fagan, Stanford SCPD student

290. Gabriel Mukobi, Stanford Undergraduate Student

291. Sophia Loo, Stanford PA Student

292. Chase Small, Stanford Undergraduate Student

293. Dante Kirkman, Stanford Class of 2024

294. Elsa Wilbur, Stanford Undergraduate Student

295. Linda Uyechi, Stanford Adjunct Lecturer

296. Ekalan Hou, Stanford Undergraduate Student

297. Sarah Jacob, Stanford Undergraduate Student

298. Euclid Soringa, Stanford Undergraduate Student

299. Maya Arad, Stanford Writer in Residence, Taube center for Jewish studies, Stanford

300. Tiffany Saade, Stanford Undergraduate student

301. Sean Gallagher, Stanford Graduate Student

302. Benjamin Maines, Stanford Medical Student

303. Anna Wang, Stanford Undergraduate Student

304. Mishika Govil, Stanford Undergraduate Student

305. Sebastian Strawser, Stanford Undergraduate Student

306. Joab Camarena, Stanford Medical student

307. Eunice Jung, Stanford BA’21, MS’22

308. Kiana Hu, Stanford Undergraduate student

309. josie flohr, Stanford undergraduate student

310. Abigail Romo, Stanford Undergraduate Student

311. Ursula Neuner, Stanford Undergraduate student

312. Fred Weldy, Stanford Senior Lecturer, Music

313. Ricky Huang, Stanford Coterm Student

314. Katie Terrell, Stanford Undergraduate Student

315. Hasan Tauha, Stanford Undergraduate Student

316. Anthony Martin, Stanford Lecturer, Music Dept

317. Amir Zur, Stanford Undergraduate Student

318. Grace Dong, Stanford Class of 2020

319. Karen Malacon, Stanford Medical Student

320. Patricia Karlin-Neumann, Stanford Senior Associate Dean for Religious Life, Emerita

321. Aaron Cho, Stanford Undergraduate Student

322. Stephanie Sherriff, Stanford Lecturer, Music Department

323. Audrey Kim, Stanford Undergraduate Student

324. Fatima, Stanford Undergrad

325. Zac Dulkin, Stanford Undergraduate Student

326. Wenqi Song, Stanford Graduate student

327. Kate Li, Stanford Undergraduate Student

328. Kevin Li, Stanford Undergraduate Student

329. Kaidi Dai, Stanford Undergraduate Student

330. Isabelle Eichhorst, Stanford Undergraduate Student

331. Tanner Christensen, Stanford Undergraduate Student

332. John Wang, Stanford Undergraduate Student

333. Sukie Kevane, Stanford Undergraduate Student

334. Dante Danelian, Stanford Undergraduate Student

335. Iliana Nava, Stanford Undergraduate Student

336. Baird Johnson, Stanford Undergraduate Student

337. Mya Kegley, Stanford undergraduate student

338. Caitlin Kerwin, Stanford MSPA Graduate Student

339. Haven Whitney, Stanford Undergraduate Student

340. Stella Chung, Stanford Undergraduate Student

341. Karen Wigen, Stanford Faculty

342. Jean-Luc Delony-Robert, Stanford Undergraduate Student

343. Saloni Shah, Stanford Undergraduate Student

344. Bohdan Kamets, Stanford Auditing student

345. Simone Hsu, Stanford Undergraduate Student

346. Kathryne Jennings, Stanford Director of Vocal Studies/Senior Lecturer

347. Abby Merrill, Stanford Undergraduate Student

348. Betty Wan, Stanford Graduate Student

349. Adam McLean, Stanford Undergraduate Student

350. Rebecca Jattan, Stanford Undergraduate Student

351. Valerie Trapp, Stanford Undergraduate Student

352. Danny Kim, Stanford Undergraduate Student

353. Wasan Kumar, Stanford Medical Student

354. Zackery Edwards, Stanford Undergraduate Student

355. Jesse Lusa, Stanford Graduate Student

356. Jim Nadel, Stanford Lecturer

357. Belgin Yalcin, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar

358. Sarah Rockwood, Stanford Medical Student

359. Shiriel King Abramson, Stanford Coterm

360. Johnny Rabe, Stanford Undergraduate Student

361. Nicholas Welch, Stanford Undergraduate Student

362. Asha Ravi, Stanford Undergraduate Student

363. Hind Saleh, Stanford MBA Candidate

364. Smiti Mittal, Stanford Undergraduate Student

365. Audrey Dalton, Stanford Graduate Student

366. Camille Luong, Stanford Undergraduate Student

367. Allen Wang, Stanford Undergraduate Student

368. Joshua Tanner, Stanford Medical Student

369. Chloe Glikbarg, Stanford Graduate Student

370. Philipp Reineke, Stanford PhD Candidate

371. Hannah Watkins, Stanford Undergraduate Student

372. Camden Burk, Stanford Undergraduate Student

373. Jenny Johnston, Stanford Graduate School of Business Student

374. Julia Josowitz, Stanford Graduate Student

375. Journey Washingtonhigh, Stanford Undergraduate Student

376. Andrea Madero, Stanford GSB MBA1

377. Bernhard Hausleitner, Stanford Graduate Researcher

378. Charlotte Meerstadt, Stanford MBA Candidate

379. Paul A. Nelson, Stanford MBA Candidate

380. Chloe Chow, Stanford Undergraduate Student

381. Alexander Michalatos, Stanford Graduate Student

382. Omair Khan, Stanford MD/PhD Candidate

383. Rick Majzun, Stanford COO, Stanford Children's Health

384. Alexander Doan, Stanford Medical Student

385. Eric Mattson, Stanford Graduate School of Business Student

386. Matt Dicou, Stanford MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business

387. Drew Barvir, Stanford Graduate School of Business

388. William Li, Stanford Undergraduate Student

389. Tilly Griffiths, Stanford Undergraduate Student

390. Mari Takino, Stanford MBA Candidate

391. Conner Oberhauser, Stanford Undergraduate Student

392. lauren cantor, Stanford MBA

393. Alina Bykova, Stanford PhD student, Stanford University

394. Whayden Dhamcho, Stanford Undergraduate Student

395. Blaine Rister, Stanford Graduate student

396. Owen Dalby, Stanford Artist-in-Residence

397. Yvonne Hong, Stanford Undergrad

398. Niccolo' Di Lalla, Stanford Postdoc

399. Jessica Pullen, Stanford Medical student

400. Kajal Maran, Stanford Med student

401. Elizabeth Jerstad, Stanford Undergraduate Student

402. Dan Richey, Stanford MBA / MA in Education Student

403. Victoria Chiek, Stanford Undergraduate Student

404. Emma Wang, Stanford Undergraduate Student

405. Emily Trimm, Stanford MD-PhD Student

406. Sina S, Stanford Med student

407. Louise Elaine Costigan-Kerns, Stanford Music Faculty

408. Zane Chan, Stanford Undergraduate Student

409. Molly Graybill, Stanford undergraduate student

410. Tamar Barzel, Stanford Head, Music Library and Archive of Recorded Sound

411. Bailey Vought, Stanford Undergraduate Student

412. Eren Tufekcioglu, Stanford Undergraduate Student

413. Lauren Remer, Stanford MSPA Student

414. Jackie Liu, Stanford Undergraduate Student

415. Jonathan Wilkins, Stanford MBA

416. Nadia Jo, Stanford Undergraduate Student

417. Lehi Acosta, Stanford Student

418. Brian Yu, Stanford Medical Student

419. Lakai Legg, Stanford Medical Student

420. James Varah, Stanford Undergraduate Student

421. Jackson Doyle, Stanford Undergraduate Student

422. Eleanor Selfridge-Field, Stanford Adjunct Proressor, Music, Stanford Universiry

423. DeAndre Johnson, Stanford Undergraduate Student

424. Kristen Ok, Stanford Undergraduate Student

425. Cristobal Maturana, Stanford Masters Student

426. Samson Peter, Stanford Medical Student

427. Andrew Gerges, Stanford Undergraduate Student

428. Allison Bauer, Stanford Staff, Production and Facilities Coordinator

429. Amanda Irizarry, Stanford GSB Student

430. Michael Jin, Stanford Medical Student

431. Andrew Yung, Stanford Undergraduate Student

432. Samuel Mason, Stanford Undergraduate Student

433. Georgia Sampaio, Stanford Coterm Student

434. Jenny Xiong, Stanford Undergraduate Student

435. Jo Leuenberger, Stanford Undergraduate Student

436. Bruce Moyer, Stanford Faculty

437. Andreea Jitaru, Stanford Undergraduate Student

438. Inga Jarmoskaite, Stanford Research Scientist

439. Ben Kroul, Stanford Undergraduate Student

440. Lizbeth Hernandez, Stanford Undergraduate Student

441. Andrea Kwon, Stanford undergraduate student

442. Rohan Sanda, Stanford Undergraduate Student

443. Tamir Maixner, Stanford Graduate student

444. Jovana Knezevic, Stanford Associate Director, Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

445. Lee Bagan, Stanford JD, PhD Candidate (Stanford Law School, Stanford Department of History)

446. Eugenia Khassina, Stanford Language Center and Slavic Department Lecturer

447. Alexa Black, Stanford Graduate Student

448. Ben Conrad, Stanford GSB - MBA

449. Nona Hungate, Stanford Undergraduate Student

450. Rajiv Sinha, Stanford Graduate Student

451. Avidesh Marajh, Stanford UG student

452. Alex Yick, Stanford MSx '21

453. Ellie Talius, Stanford Undergraduate Student

454. Gina Defabio, Stanford Graduate Student

455. Theodora Bruun, Stanford MSTP Student

456. Hiran Dewar, Stanford Undergraduate

457. Ravichandra Tadigadapa, Stanford Undergrad Student

458. Annabelle Wang, Stanford Undergraduate Student

459. Isabella Ainsworth, Stanford Undergraduate student

460. Melissa Chaehyun Lee, Stanford Medical Student

461. Dongming Zhang, Stanford Undergraduate student

462. Lucas Cheon, Stanford MBA

463. 김예진, Stanford Undergraduate student

464. Elizabeth Sinyavin, Stanford Undergraduate Student

465. Lee Yeonu, Stanford Student

466. Aruuke Uran Kyzy, Stanford Graduate Student (PhD)

467. Rush Rehm, Stanford Faculty

468. Mario Nicolas, Stanford Undergraduate Student

469. Katherine Wang, Stanford Undergraduate Student

470. Omar Garcia, Stanford Medical Student

471. Constantin Basica, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar

472. Leandra Zimmermann, Stanford MS Student, Mechanical Engineering

473. Sylvia Gabriel, Stanford Undergraduate student

474. Amelia Woodward, Stanford Coterminal Master’s student in Computer Science

475. Christine Yeh, Stanford MD/PhD Student

476. Eric Bear, Stanford Undergraduate Student

477. Hugh Sullivan, Stanford MBA Student

478. Will Gutzman, Stanford Coterm Student

479. Komal Kumar, Stanford Undergraduate Student

480. George Wehner, Stanford Undergraduate Student

481. Preksha Bhagchandani, Stanford Medical Student

482. Kelly Jiang, Stanford Graduate Student

483. Angela Yang, Stanford Undergraduate Student

484. Rachel Bahk, Stanford Undergraduate Student

485. Machiel Brouwer, Stanford MBA Student

486. Jiyoung Hong, Stanford Graduate student

487. Byungsam Jung, Stanford Graduate student

488. Malek, Stanford Ground dispatcher

489. Nariman Ustaiev, Stanford Visiting Scholar

490. Oleksandr Akymenko, Stanford JSK Fellow, 2015/16, UELP Co-founder

491. Justina Lee, Stanford Undergraduate Student

492. [email protected], Stanford JSK Fellow

493. Olesya Shayduk-Immerman, Stanford Lecturer, PWR

494. David Henderson, Stanford Lecturer

495. Kathleen Tarr, Stanford Advanced Lecturer, PWR

496. Olivier Babin, Stanford MBA Student

497. Emily Polk, Stanford Advanced Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

498. Donna Hunter, Stanford Retired Advanced Lecturer, PWR

499. Samuel Page, Stanford Graduate Student, Slavic Languages and Literatures

500. Aaron Kofman, Stanford Alumnus, Class of 2009

501. Sarah Peterson Pittock, Stanford Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

502. Ruth Starkman, Stanford

503. Selby Wynn Schwartz, Stanford Lecturer, Program in Writing & Rhetoric

504. Tomas Coghlan, Stanford Undergraduate Student

505. Meagan, Stanford PhD candidate

506. Evan Alterman, Stanford graduate student

507. Kristo Nurmis, Stanford PhD Candidate

508. Rachel Kim, Stanford Undegraduate Student

509. Anne-Sophie Martin, Stanford Graduate Student

510. Kaylee Shen, Stanford Undergraduate Student

511. Lila Shroff, Stanford Undergraduate Student

512. Ray Heigemeir, Stanford Public Services Librarian for Music

513. Lisa Ramee, Stanford Student Services Officer

514. Selena, Stanford CIRM scholar

515. Boumehdi Touria, Stanford Lecturer

516. Sruthi Mantri Garimella, Stanford Medical student

517. Annelisse Cuéllar-Montes, Stanford Medical Student

518. Shay Brawn, Stanford Advanced Lecturer, PWR

519. Amit Kushwaha, Stanford alumni

520. Hlib Razumkov, Stanford PhD Student (Chemistry and CSB departments)

521. Sangeeta Mediratta, Stanford Lecturer

522. Steven Chu, Stanford Porfessor

523. Midori Takasaki, Stanford MBA Student

524. Deborah A Barney, Stanford GSSO/FA/Chair's Admin

525. Robert Huw Morgan, Stanford University Organist & Lecturer in Music

526. Jennifer Johnson, PhD, Stanford Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

527. Nikhil Lyles, Stanford Undergraduate Student

528. Joonseok Cho, Stanford Research Scientist

529. Carly Lincenberg, Stanford MBA Student

530. Joel Martis, Stanford Graduate Student

531. Laura D'Asaro, Stanford GSB Student

532. Jesus Ballesteros, Stanford Undergraduate Student

533. Arlene Garcia, Stanford Staff

534. Gene Kim, Stanford Lecturer, Dept. of Mathematics

535. Kim Schenk, Stanford Bachelor if science

536. Pablo Ortiz Mena Montes de Oca, Stanford Law Almuni

537. Jacqueline Wollner, Stanford MBA graduate

538. Sam Duke, Stanford B.A. '20

539. Daniel Sneider, Stanford Lecturer, East Asian Studies

540. David M. Haselden III, Stanford Clemson University Graduate

541. Roberts Mencis, Stanford Class of 2018

542. Ray Bamford, MBA and MS Engineering, 1996, Stanford Alumni - MBA and MS Engineering

543. Phil Horvath, Stanford Alumni

544. Michael Herrera, Stanford Undergraduate Student

545. Sean Odlum, Stanford Alumnus

546. Mateusz Lendzioszek, Stanford Advisor

547. Steven Barnes, Stanford PhD History, 2003, Director of Program in Russian and Eurasian Studies at George Mason University

548. Nissa Cannon, Stanford Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

549. Bria Holmes-Lewis, Stanford Undergraduate Student

550. Thomas J. McFarlane, Stanford BS '88 (Physics)

551. Bobby Kennedy, Stanford Assistant Football Coach

552. Keith W. Rushing, Stanford n/a

553. Olga, Stanford desinger

554. Kara Marquez, Stanford Staff

555. Allyson Aranda, Stanford Software Developer (Staff)

556. Sebastian Urdaneta, Stanford Undergraduate Student

557. Mariano Payano, Stanford MBA Candidate

558. John Latting, Stanford alumnus

559. Harriett Jernigan, Stanford Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

560. Joe Gayk, Stanford Graduate Student and Staff Member

561. Derek McCreight, Stanford Graduate Student, Computer Science

562. Cynthia L. Haven, Stanford author, blogger

563. Theodore Wong, Stanford alumnus, BS 1991, PhD 2001

564. Lenora Murphy, Stanford Graduate Student

565. Barbara Wilson, Stanford Alumna; parent of Stanford Medical Center Faculty

566. Tiger Zhou, Stanford Undergraduate Student

567. Susan Robbins, Stanford Alumni, PhD

568. Ghur Zang, Stanford Student

569. Lauren Bier, Stanford Alumna, BA 2002

570. Vassilis Alexopoulos, Stanford Undergraduate Student

571. Kevin DiPirro, Stanford Writing Faculty

572. Ivan Nevarez, Stanford alum 1994, 2002.

573. Matthew Signer, Stanford PhD Candidate

574. Aerik Pawson, Stanford High school student at Palmettor Ridge High (Naples, FL), founder of Albus Code

575. Caroline Simard, Stanford Staff member

576. Lizabeth Coe, Stanford PhD Alumna

577. Tanvi Dutta Gupta, Stanford Undergraduate Student

578. Carole Mawson, Stanford lecturer, English for Foreign Students, retired

579. Omar Núñez, Stanford Grad student

580. Jenna Przybysz, Stanford Graduate Student

581. Christopher Jackson Ritchie, Stanford Alumnus MS ‘03

582. Khalil Fuller, Stanford Alum - MBA & MA Education ('20)

583. Martin Durdovic, Stanford Visiting Scholar

584. Jinho Jeong, Stanford Graudate student

585. Stephen Judson, Stanford Graduate, '82

586. Carol Vernallis, Stanford Research Affiliate/ Lecturer

587. Pranav Vaid, Stanford Undergraduate Student

588. Aytuğ Şaşmaz, Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow, CDDRL

589. Leily Rossi, Stanford Undergraduate Student

590. Juliana Lamm-Perez, Stanford Undergraduate Student

591. Sierra Davis Thomander, Stanford PhD Student

592. Thomas Beischer, Stanford Lecturer in Architectural History

593. Thomas W. Devine, Stanford M.A., English, 1978

594. Shada Sinclair, Stanford Medical Student

595. James Ferrare, Stanford Graduate Student

596. Vlad Silverman, Stanford Former Stanford Employee - SPP

597. Agustin Otero, Stanford Undergraduate Student

598. Dmitry Voroshilov, Stanford Russian citizen

599. Nina Buchmann, Stanford PhD candidate, Economics

600. Michele Hébert, Stanford Parent of Stanford mathematics alumna

601. Jiayi Luo, Stanford Undergraduate Student

602. Dorien Emmes, Stanford Postdoc, Stanford SCCEI

603. Bahruddin Trbalic, Stanford Graduate Student

604. Emma Belliveau, Stanford Graduate Student

605. John Lis, Stanford A.B., 1987

606. John Chuharski, Stanford Undergraduate Class of 1987

607. Tim O'Brien, Stanford Cal Graduate 1986, 2004

608. Andrew Harper, Stanford Undergraduate Student

609. Tetiana Parshakova, Stanford PhD at Computational and Mathematical Engineering

610. Dhiraj Indana, Stanford ME PhD student

611. Fátima Ptacek, Stanford BA Political Science ‘22

612. Sofia Tosoni, Stanford Undergraduate Student

613. Alexandr Lenk, Stanford PhD Student

614. Hannah McGoran, Stanford Undergraduate Student

615. Aman Malhotra, Stanford Undergraduate student

616. Bryan Spaulding, Stanford Alumni

617. Brenna Marea Powell, Stanford Lecturer in Law, Stanford Law School

618. Julie Hwang, Stanford alum ‘99

619. Ula Lucas, Stanford Undergraduate Student

620. Beata Szymków, Stanford PhD Candidate

621. Renan Yoshida, Stanford PhD student economics

622. Damian Pavlyshyn, Stanford University Graduate Student

623. Charles Mok, Stanford Visiting Scholar, GDPi, Cyber Policy Center

624. Caitlin Bergin, Stanford Hoover Institution National Security Affairs Fellow 2014-15

625. Cassandra Huff, Stanford Graduate Student

626. Olga Ovcharskaia, Stanford Graduate Student

627. Stephen Stedman, Stanford Senior Fellow, FSI

628. Angela Ogbechie, Stanford Undergraduate Alum

629. Mikk Raud, Stanford International Policy Graduate Student

630. Theodor Misiakiewicz, Stanford PhD statistics

631. Alissa Vuillier, Stanford Undergraduate Student

632. Yusuf Zahurullah, Stanford Undergraduate Student

633. Brionna Bolanos, Stanford Undergraduate, ‘22

634. Sangam Sharma, Stanford Undergraduate Student

635. Gileen Navarro, Stanford Undergraduate Student

636. Henry Finkelstein, Stanford MSx 2022

637. Sam Beskind, Stanford Coterm Student-athlete

638. Madison Quig, Stanford Undergraduate student

639. Shridhar Athinarayanan, Stanford Undergraduate Junior

640. Warren Christopher, Stanford Undergraduate Student

641. Jonathan Merchan, Stanford Undergraduate Student

642. Lauren Lowe, Stanford Undergraduate Student

643. Jean-Sebastien Dackiw, Stanford Graduate Student

644. Corazón Johnston, Stanford Undergraduate Student

645. Edwina Owusu-Adjapong, Stanford Alumna

646. Alain Pineda, Stanford PhD student

647. Sofia Vera, Stanford Undergraduate student

648. Ryan Oosting, Stanford Undergraduate Student

649. Grace Howe, Stanford Undergraduate Student

650. Laura Robichek, Stanford Alum

651. Amy Zhao, Stanford MBA Candidate

652. Anastasia Lyulina, Stanford Biology PhD Student

653. Rika Antonova, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar

654. Jerry Cain, Stanford Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

655. Jonathan Canel, Stanford BA History, 2010

656. Marion Lepert, Stanford PhD Student

657. Toki Migimatsu, Stanford PhD Student

658. Cory Waltrip, Stanford Joint MBA / MS in Environment and Resources Candidate

659. Daniel Gao, Stanford Undergraduate Student

660. susie ementon, Stanford staff

661. Grace Bagga, Stanford Undergraduate Student

662. Tracy Turner, Stanford Alumna and current Staff

663. Emma Atul, Stanford Administrative Assistant

664. Jehan Keval, Stanford Research Assistant

665. Rebecca Chan, Stanford PhD Candidate

666. Travis Lantz, Stanford Graduate Student, chemical and systems biology

667. Joydeb Sinha, Stanford Graduate Student, Chemical & Systems Biology

668. Seungsoo Kim, Stanford Postdoctoral fellow

669. George Klimiashvili, Stanford MS Student

670. James Yang, Stanford Statistics PhD Candidate

671. Cindy Kirby, Stanford Administrative Associate

672. Lucy Xie, Stanford Postdoc

673. Shivam Verma, Stanford MD/PhD Student

674. Abbas El Gamal, Stanford Faculty

675. Jim Fabry, Stanford Staff

676. Theresa Lee, Stanford Staff

677. Ben Kraemer, Stanford Graduate Student, Chemical & Systems Biology

678. Thomas Bearrood, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemical and Systems Biology

679. Roland Greene, Stanford Faculty

680. Jayoon Jang, Stanford PhD student

681. Meika Beaudoin rousseau, Stanford Undergrad

682. Suzette Rodriguez, Stanford Staff

683. Chen Cheng, Stanford PhD Student in Statistics

684. Qian Zhao, Stanford Postdoctoral scholar

685. Maxime Cauchois, Stanford Statistics PhD Student

686. Stephen Prutsman, Stanford Music Teacher

687. Bethlehem Aynalem, Stanford Assistant Director, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

688. Jessica Stark, Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

689. Alexander Adams, Stanford PhD Candidate

690. Anthony Fernandez-Castaneda, Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow

691. Dayoung Lee, Stanford Undergraduate Alumni

692. Hamilton Oh, Stanford Graduate student

693. Nuvia A. Pacheco, Stanford Staff

694. Mikaela Ribi, Stanford Research Associate

695. Jaye Zhang, Stanford Graduate School of Business

696. Christina Seo, Stanford Research Assistant

697. Harrison Li, Stanford PhD Student, Statistics

698. Sebastian Otero, Stanford PhD in Economics

699. Sarah Lensch, Stanford Graduate Student

700. David Fager, Stanford PhD Student in Statistics

701. Rebecca Pizzitola, Stanford Undergraduate Student

702. Austin Flick, Stanford Graduate Student

703. Vishal, Stanford MBA alum

704. Jonathan Candelaria, Stanford Executive Director

705. Tracy Schloemer, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar

706. Yu-Neng Wang, Stanford PhD student

707. Jim Plummer, Stanford Faculty

708. Dan Kluger, Stanford PhD Student in Statistics

709. Andrei Kanavalau, Stanford PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering

710. Francis Chen, Stanford PhD Student

711. Cynthia Liu, Stanford Master Student

712. Daniil Lukin, Stanford Grad student

713. Vidisha Srivastav, Stanford Graduate Student

714. Yao-Te Cheng, Stanford Senior Research Engineer

715. Monica Pena-Aguilar, Stanford Undergraduate Student

716. Angie Thai, Stanford Graduate Student

717. Franco Faucher, Stanford Graduate Student

718. David Lindell, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar, Electrical Engineering

719. Charles Chen, Stanford PhD Student, Stanford EE

720. John M Cioffi, Stanford Hitatch Prof Emeritus of Electrical Engineering

721. Thomas Carlson, Stanford Staff

722. Audrey Ward, Stanford Undergraduate Student

723. Okan Atalar, Stanford Graduate Student

724. Robert Constantin Lupoiu, Stanford PhD Student, Electrical Engineering

725. Lisa Blanco Jimenez, Stanford AB ‘00, JD ‘04

726. Jeanette Hernandez, Stanford Research Assistant, Stanford, Department of Pediatrics

727. Logan Bashford, Stanford Graduate Student

728. Mutallip Anwar, Stanford Lecturer in Program in Writing and Rhetoric

729. Samuel Asher, Stanford Research Fellow

730. Habeeb, Stanford Undergraduate Student

731. Kyler Stanion, Stanford Undergraduate Student

732. Meo Kittiwanich, Stanford Staff

733. Pierre Chambon, Stanford MS Student

734. Aya Aziz, Stanford Undergraduate Student

735. Grace Kier, Stanford Graduate Student, Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

736. Michael Howes, Stanford PhD Student

737. Melanie Muriloo, Stanford PhD Student, Stanford Electrical Engineering

738. Emily Liu, Stanford Student

739. Anna Nunes, Stanford MS EE

740. Cassandra Pena, Stanford Undergraduate Student

741. Jean-Felix Brouillette, Stanford Ph.D. student

742. iain jung, Stanford Undergraduate Student

743. Joe Goldfrank, Stanford Graduate Student

744. Neeharika Bandlapalli, Stanford Undergraduate Student

745. Cary Xiao, Stanford Undergraduate Student

746. Sarah Yribarren, Stanford Undergraduate Student

747. Sean O’Connor, Stanford Undergraduate Student

748. Brinda Ghiya, Stanford GSB Class of 2009

749. Kullen Whittaker, Stanford Undergraduate Student

750. Andy Dai, Stanford Undergraduate Student

751. Maya Benyas, Stanford Undergraduate Student

752. Yan Xia, Stanford faculty

753. Charis Charitsis, Stanford Graduate Student

754. Frank Yang, Stanford Graduate Student

755. Michael Lesyna, Stanford Alumni GSB, Alumni Graduate and Undergraduate

756. Grace Chen Yu, MD, Stanford Director, Stanford-O’Connor Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

757. Marisa Woo, Stanford Undergraduate Student

758. EUNSEO HWANG, Stanford Undergraduate Student

759. Jaime Roquero Gimenez, Stanford PhD Candidate

760. Julie Kline, Stanford Faculty Administrator, EE

761. Lars Osterberg, Stanford MD, Stanford University School of Medicine

762. Sunil Pai, Stanford PhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering

763. Monica Gillie, Stanford Family medicine resident

764. Carlos Schmidt-Padilla, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford Impact Labs

765. Jelena Jozovic, Stanford Sales Drector

766. Michael Morphew, Stanford Graduate Student

767. Emma Simmerman, Stanford PhD student

768. Ellen Van Stone, Stanford Staff

769. Jo-Hsi Huang, Stanford PhD student

770. Tracy Rydel, Stanford MD, Stanford University School of Medicine

771. Stephen Krafcik, Stanford Law Student

772. Mary Romeo, Stanford Staff

773. Viktoryia Shautsova, Stanford Science Fellow

774. Tatjana Bilich, Stanford Postdoc

775. Spencer Furey, Stanford Law Student

776. Jordan Strasser, Stanford Undergraduate Student

777. Antoine Falisse, Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow

778. Jacqueline Tran, Stanford Administration and Finance Manager

779. Parker Ruth, Stanford Computer Science PhD Student

780. Laura Menéndez Gorina, Stanford PhD Candidate

781. Diane Bush, Stanford Staff

782. Brandon Aponte, Stanford Undergraduate

783. Brian "Bria" Castellano, Stanford Staff

784. Emilia Alex, Stanford Faculty Affairs Administrator

785. Samar Fahmy, Stanford Program Coordinator, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

786. Yoon Sung, MD, Stanford Family Medicine Resident

787. Drew Ann Costenbader, Stanford Staff

788. Catherine Garrison, Stanford Graduate Student

789. Arjun Aditham, Stanford PhD (Alumnus)

790. Elizabeth Ponder, Stanford Executive Director, ChEM-H - Stanford Staff

791. McDowell Kenley, Stanford Academic Staff

792. Rebecca McClellan, Stanford Staff

793. Luis Alejandro Valencia, Stanford Chemistry PhD Student

794. Hannah Hashimoto, Stanford Research Associate

795. Ian Sargent, Stanford Law Student

796. Amanda Wiggenhorn, Stanford Graduate Student

797. Aaron Gilkison, Stanford Doctoral Student

798. Nicholas Bianco, Stanford Graduate Student

799. Wey-Wey Su, Stanford Graduate Research Assistant, Stanford

800. Mathis Leblanc, Stanford Graduate Student

801. Korina Steinbergs, Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow in Pathology

802. Tom Van Wouwe, Stanford Postdoctoral Researcher

803. Lawrence Kim, Stanford Postdoc

804. Laurel Crosby, Stanford PhD, Stanford University

805. Mollie Black, Stanford ChEM-H/IMA Postbac Intern

806. Paloma Navarro, Stanford Postdoc

807. Pragya Sidhwani, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar

808. Rachel Brown, Stanford Graduate Student

809. Saga Helgason, Stanford Master's student

810. Vincent van Unen, Stanford Postdoctoral researcher

811. Delaney Miller, Stanford PhD Student

812. Mohsen Nemat-Gorgani, Stanford Research Scientist

813. Anna Kochnev Goldstein, Stanford Graduate Student

814. Úrsula Hébert-Johnson, Stanford Alumna, Class of 2018

815. Brandon Seale, Stanford Staff

816. Rachel Pham, Stanford Staff

817. Margaret Jane Harris, Stanford Family of Stanford students and alumni

818. Alex Gilbert, Stanford Graduate Student

819. Lynette Haberman, Stanford Staff

820. Deborah Yager, Stanford Research Staff

821. Ronny Junkins, Stanford Undergraduate Student

822. Jasna Brcic, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar

823. Jasmine Moshiri, Stanford PhD Candidate, Microbiology and Immunology

824. Marc Brunton, Stanford Law Student

825. Dante Dullas, Stanford Undergraduate Student

826. Jamie Jeffries, Stanford Graduate Student

827. Lee boram, Stanford Stop war!!

828. Bruce Koch, Stanford staff

829. Alexandre Avaro, Stanford Graduate Student

830. Alex Loia, Stanford Undergraduate and Coterminal Graduate Student

831. Andrea Werboff, Stanford Instructor

832. Eva Helms, Stanford Visiting Researcher

833. Mohammad Roghani, Stanford PhD student

834. Ruben Land, Stanford PhD Candidate

835. Marie Jo Azzi, Stanford PhD Student Mechanical Engineering

836. John ma, Stanford Alumni

837. Constantin N Takacs, PhD, Stanford Postdoc, Biology and HHMI

838. Owen Smith, Stanford Graduate Student, Chemical and Systems Biology

839. Anne Gordon, Stanford Emerita staff

840. Stephan Eismann, Stanford Recent PhD graduate, Applied Physics

841. Ms. Susan Harnisch, Stanford Retired Administrative Assistant

842. Maria Fraboni, Stanford Staff

843. Michele King, Stanford Staff - Stanford School of Medicine

844. Izabel Pirimai Aguiar, Stanford PhD Student, ICME

845. Tatyana Bukina, Stanford Administrator at Stanford Law School

846. Jonathan Faubert, Stanford MBA2, Stanford GSB

847. Dana Guymon, Stanford PA at Stanford DCI

848. Agata Foryciarz, Stanford PhD Student, Computer Science

849. Jan Przerwa, Stanford Law School Student

850. Meg Hardin, Stanford GSE Dean's Staff

851. Mara Violanti, Stanford Staff, MSE

852. Dhruv Sumathi, Stanford Undergraduate Student, Stanford University

853. Asror Arabjanov, Stanford Law Student

854. Tim Fellows, Stanford Law student

855. Sripriya Kannan, Stanford Staff, Physics Course Adminstrator

856. Stephanie Rizka, Stanford Graduate Student

857. Nicolas Vial, Stanford Law Student

858. Jonathan Yang, Stanford Graduate Student

859. Katherine Liu, Stanford Graduate Student

860. William Keats, Stanford Staff

861. Dalia Gonzalez, Stanford Administrative Associate

862. Kathy Johnson, Stanford Staff

863. Shalini Bhatia, Stanford Director, Business Development (staff) - Stanford GSB Executive Education

864. Aarya, Stanford Graduate Student, EE

865. Allison Cowie, Stanford MBA Student

866. Hailey Lee, Stanford MBA2 Graduate Student, Stanford GSB

867. Keertan Kini, Stanford MBA/MPP Student

868. Kamil Ali, Stanford Graduate School of Business Student

869. Charles Foote, Stanford MBA Student

870. Anny Dow, Stanford MBA Student

871. Caroline Pringle, Stanford MBA student

872. Philip Etter, Stanford Ph.D. Student

873. Levi Malik, Stanford MBA Student

874. Sam Yarosh, Stanford MBA Student

875. Yuta Miki, Stanford MBA Student

876. Anca Timofte, Stanford Graduate Student at the GSB

877. Alex Takei, Stanford MBA1

878. Michelle Xie, Stanford MBA student

879. Mary Ellen Luck, Stanford MBA

880. Mackenzie Findlay, Stanford MBA Candidate

881. Rustom Birdie, Stanford Graduate Student

882. Katrine Tjoelsen, Stanford MA Education / MBA '23

883. Audrey Djiya, Stanford Graduate Student

884. Robyn Tse, Stanford MBA

885. Alice Huang, Stanford Graduate Student

886. Alexandra Eitel, Stanford MBA 2

887. Adlon Adams, Stanford GSB

888. Julian Atehortua, Stanford MBA Student

889. Suchit Rout, Stanford GSB Sloan Fellow

890. Daniela Bahamon, Stanford GSB MSx student

891. Kemie Iko, Stanford Graduate School of Business Student

892. Nicholas Lins, Stanford MBA Student

893. Eun Min Park, Stanford MBA Student

894. Adrian Kerester, Stanford MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business

895. Elle Kang, Stanford MBA Student

896. Ben Pettigrew, Stanford MSx Sloan Fellow

897. Shaneez Mohinani, Stanford MBA Student

898. Patrick Johnson, Stanford GSB Sloan Fellow

899. Nicolas Ziperovich, Stanford MSx21

900. Dorothy Li, Stanford MSx

901. Alex McCauley, Stanford Graduate Student

902. Shaked Regev, Stanford PhD student

903. Giorgi Abaiadze, Stanford MBA candidate

904. Klea, Stanford Worker

905. Yuichiro Izumi, Stanford MSx Sloan Fellow

906. Christopher Neimeth, Stanford Undergraduate Student

907. Colin Woolway, Stanford MBA 1

908. Tracy Pham, Stanford Graduate Student

909. Kathy Dong, Stanford MBA Student

910. Sebastián Balazs, Stanford Sloan Fellow MSx 2023 Candidate

911. Cindy Huang, Stanford MBA Student

912. Alex Chang, Stanford Graduate School of Business Student

913. Isaac Lee, Stanford GSB Sloan Fellow

914. Raghad Asiri, Stanford Undergraduate Student

915. Amanda Bakerlee, Stanford Graduate Student

916. Matt Devine, Stanford MBA Graduate Student

917. Megan Ruan, Stanford MBA Student

918. Elspeth Huscher, Stanford Student, Graduate School of Business

919. Chloe Colberg, Stanford GSB Student

920. Rafi Sands, Stanford Graduate Student

921. Veena Katragadda, Stanford MBA Student

922. Erin Brennan, Stanford MBA Student

923. Katie Lee, Stanford MBA Student

924. Mingoo Kim, Stanford Graudate Student

925. Richard Saliba, Stanford MBA Student

926. Mateo Creamer, Stanford MBA

927. Eric Luxenberg, Stanford Graduate student

928. William Sabala, Stanford CEE shop manager

929. Joshua Tabor Dimasaka, Stanford Civil Engineering and Public Policy Graduate Student

930. Jack Keenan, Stanford Graduate Student

931. Yenchia Feng, Stanford PhD student

932. Nan Aoki, Stanford Staff

933. Giulia Scagliotti, Stanford Graduate Student

934. Francesco Scavone, Stanford Postdoc

935. Varun, Stanford GSB

936. Diane Lee, Stanford Graduate Student

937. Jennifer Skerker, Stanford Graduate Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering

938. Corinne Bowers, Stanford PhD Candidate

939. Halen Mattison, Stanford Graduate Student

940. Nicholas Tandy, Stanford MBA Student

941. Abby, Stanford Graduate Student

942. Sylvester Siew, Stanford Graudate Student

943. Jose Soto, Stanford Graduate Student

944. Rachel Adenekan, Stanford Graduate Student

945. Christine Konjevich, Stanford Administrator, Stanford Libraries

946. Udit Pillay, Stanford Graduate Student

947. Madeline Blocki, Stanford MBA / MA Education Student

948. Sarah Freedman, Stanford Visiting Faculty

949. Teresa Hegarty, Stanford PhD Candidate

950. Kelly Kim, Stanford Undergraduate Student

951. Katharine Sorensen, Stanford Undergraduate Student

952. Michelle Brunner, Stanford Student Services Manager

953. Nkemjika Obi, Stanford Undergraduate Student

954. Gijun Lee, Stanford Undergraduate and Master's Student

955. Marielle Baumgartner, Stanford Undergraduate Student

956. Stefan V Velculescu, Stanford Undergraduate Student

957. Whitney Glick, Stanford MBA Student

958. Donatien Delmon, Stanford Graduate Student

959. Alexis Kam, Stanford Graduate Student

960. Konrad Morzkowski, Stanford Graduate Alumni

961. Charlotte Nicks, Stanford Undergraduate Student

962. Lisa Couper, Stanford Phd student

963. Eric Li, Stanford MBA Student

964. Alex Infanger, Stanford PhD Student, ICME

965. Eric Zelikman, Stanford PhD Candidate

966. Rohini Datta, Stanford Postdoc in Genetics

967. Nicholas Pathoulas, Stanford LSRP I, Stanford School of Medicine

968. Celina Mercer, Stanford MD MPH, Resident Physician

969. Esther Nie, Stanford Neurology Resident

970. Celeste Riepe, Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology

971. Helen He, Stanford Undergraduate Student

972. Caleb Stenholm, Stanford MBA 2

973. Jerilyn Teo, Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni

974. s c, Stanford former resident physician

975. Stephen Lynch, Stanford Graduate Student, GSB/EIPER

976. Andrew Loh, Stanford MBA 2022

977. Charles Sheiner, Stanford Undergraduate Student

978. Connor Regan, Stanford MBA

979. Isaiah Dawid, Stanford Undergraduate Student

980. Wendy Goldberg, Stanford Advanced Lecturer Emerita, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

981. Krischan Köhler, Stanford Assistent Shopmanager

982. Jolien Pas, Stanford Postdoc, Neurosurgery

983. Melissa Marts, Stanford MBA Student

984. Janette Canare, Stanford MLA Student

985. Racquel Hagen, Stanford Administrator

986. David Field, Stanford Staff

987. Lauren Excell, Stanford Graduate Student, Civil Engineering

988. Sanzeeda Baig Shuchi, Stanford Graduate Student

989. Stephen Galdi, Stanford PhD Candidate

990. Henry Zhu, Stanford PhD Student, Computer Science

991. Eva de la Serna, Stanford PhD Candidate

992. Valerie Niemann, Stanford PhD Candidate

993. Edward Apraku, Stanford Graduate Student

994. Jessica Zhang, Stanford Graduate student, biology

995. Sharon Zhang, Stanford PhD Student, Computer Science

996. Eva Bianchi, Stanford PhD student, Civil + Environmental Engineering

997. Amrita Palaparthi, Stanford Master’s Student, Computer Science

998. Matthias Waidele, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar, Astronomy & Astrophysics

999. Isabella Douglas, Stanford PhD Candidate

1000. Caroline Jung, Stanford MBA Student

1001. Alexander Koufos, Stanford Researcher

1002. Dr. Shea A. Hess Webber, Stanford Research Scientist

1003. Lizzy McGee, Stanford MBA1

1004. Michael Theoharis, Stanford Regional Director of Development, Stanford Graduate School of Business

1005. Neil Rens, Stanford MD/MBA Student

1006. Irene Pachon Angona, Stanford Postdoc

1007. Jay Panero, Stanford Graduate Student

1008. Paul Rudnicki, Stanford PhD Candidate

1009. Kathleen Meyers, Stanford Research Administrator - Staff

1010. Michelle Xu, Stanford PhD Student

1011. Michael Hollander, Stanford Graduate Student

1012. Ipshita Dey, Stanford Graduate Student

1013. Jean-Sebastien Dackiw, Stanford Graduate Student

1014. Steve Ballmer, Stanford Chairman. Los Angeles Clippers

1015. Nicole Rojas, Stanford MBA

1016. Emily Mongold, Stanford PhD student, CEE

1017. Roy Mwangi, Stanford Graduate student

1018. Langston Ward, Stanford Law Student

1019. Jess Zhu, Stanford MBA '23 Student

1020. Thomas Yang, Stanford Mathematical and Computational Science Undergraduate Student

1021. Melanie Barnett, Stanford Sr. Research Scientist, Dept. of Biology

1022. Dufour-Decieux Vincent, Stanford PhD Student

1023. Felipe de Quesada, Stanford PhD Student, Materials Science and Engineering

1024. Abhi Arora, Stanford MBA Student

1025. Madhurima Mahajan, Stanford Graduate student

1026. Gloria, Stanford PhD student

1027. Rita Koltai, Stanford SCRL member

1028. Karen H. C. Lawrence, Stanford Staff, Stanford Medicine

1029. Santiago, Stanford Graduate Student

1030. Jonathan Weiss, Stanford Graduate Student

1031. Alexis Geslin, Stanford PhD Student

1032. Albert Wu, Stanford Graduate Student

1033. Annie Reller, Stanford Undergraduate Stanford Studeng

1034. Nazli Dakad, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1035. Caroline Spertus, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1036. Eleanor Sherline, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1037. Paige Olson, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1038. Montanna Riggs, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1039. Lauren, Stanford MatSci Graduate Student

1040. Peter Ling, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1041. Michelle Vinocour, Stanford Undergraduate student

1042. Cole Pierce, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1043. Defne, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1044. Pinhung Chung, Stanford PhD student

1045. Emi Soroka, Stanford Aero/Astro PhD student

1046. Janina Tamborski, Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow

1047. Skip Victor, Stanford DCI Fellow

1048. Joonas Aho, Stanford Graduate Student

1049. Brook Thompson, Stanford Grad Student

1050. Russell Martin, Stanford Graduate Student

1051. Monika Kornacka, Stanford PhD, visiting scholar

1052. Matt King, Stanford Graduate Student

1053. Eric Benitez, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1054. Jimmy Chen, Stanford Managing Director, Stanford Energy

1055. Colleen Sharp, Stanford Graduate Student

1056. Vincent Song, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1057. Gina Sanchez, Stanford undergraduate student

1058. Trisha Litong, Stanford Undergraduate student, coterm

1059. Cameron Most, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1060. Eric L, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1061. Dale DePalatis, Stanford B.A. and M.A. from Stanford

1062. Je-Rui Chang, Stanford PhD Student

1063. Kimberly Ruth, Stanford Computer Science PhD Student

1064. Ayesha Khawaja, Stanford Undergraduate student

1065. Vivek Tanna, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1066. Heidi Baumgartner, Stanford Research Scientist

1067. Linda Garza, Stanford Staff Member

1068. Susan Sebbard, Stanford Assistant Director, Stanford Humanities Center

1069. Diana Jansons-Quihuis, Stanford Executive Assistant, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

1070. Suzy Kim, Stanford Civil & Environmental Engineering PhD Candidate

1071. Diane Hascall, Stanford Staff, SLAC

1072. Alex Escudero, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1073. Francesca Noelette, Stanford Medical Student

1074. Alex Zimmerman, Stanford PhD Student

1075. Cayla Whitney, Stanford Education Program Coordinator, Stanford University

1076. Julie Chang, Stanford Graduate student in Bioengineering

1077. Joseph Paavola, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1078. Naveed Ahmad, Stanford Visiting Postdoc Research Scholar

1079. Julia Laurence, Stanford Law Student

1080. Carolyn Wilsey, Stanford Learning Specialist, Staff

1081. Raul Quintana, Stanford Law student

1082. Rehana Nasser, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1083. Addala Dimpu Satya Aahlada, Stanford Undergraduate Student (Medicine)

1084. Barbara A Peters, Stanford M.D., volunteer faculty, alumni

1085. Jake Katz, Stanford University Undergraduate

1086. Marilou Seiff, Stanford Executive Director/ Marine Science Institute Class of 1974

1087. Cindy Manko, Stanford Clinical Research Coordinator

1088. Erin Fieberling, Stanford Transportation Staff

1089. Vickie Wang, Stanford alum B.A. '19

1090. Aillie McKeever, Stanford University staff

1091. Grace Hung, Stanford staff

1092. Alex Vera Szawranskyj, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1093. Timothy Bradford, Stanford alumnus

1094. jun, Stanford korea army

1095. Katie Pandes, Stanford Associate Director, Stanford GSB

1096. Sasha Jason, Stanford Program Manager

1097. Gjylnaze Syla, Stanford CDDRL Program

1098. Chih-Ling Chang, Stanford Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering @ Stanford

1099. Shumpei Goke, Stanford Ph.D. Student in Economics

1100. Linda Oleson, Stanford Medical School Employee - Standardized Patient

1101. Andrey Kurenkov, Stanford PhD Candidate

1102. Camille Walker, Stanford University Staff

1103. Sandra Rock, Stanford House person

1104. David F McCarthy, Stanford Principal, D.F. McCarthy LLC

1105. Alex Keller, Stanford Staff, School of Engineering

1106. Ioannis (Yanni) Kipouros, Stanford PhD candidate

1107. Lindsay Carlin, Stanford '25

1108. Hannah M Rhoda, Stanford Graduate Student

1109. Cecilia Canales, Stanford Senior Program Manager, SCPD/SoE

1110. Tehmi den Braven, Stanford Graduate Student

1111. Deanna Graesser, Stanford DOS Staff

1112. Isabel Davidoff, Stanford Undergraduate Matsci Student

1113. Debbie Warren, Stanford Event & BCC Manager

1114. Thomas Schnaubelt, Stanford Executive Director, Haas Center for Public Service

1115. Emil Vardar, Stanford Non-matriculated student

1116. Jiuyun Zhang, Stanford PhD Candidate in Political Economics, Graduate School of Business

1117. Leire, Stanford Design student

1118. Katie Han, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1119. Satvir Basran, Stanford Urology

1120. Isabela Fabbrin, Stanford STOP war in #Ukraine Independence for Ukraine

1121. Jamie Kurtzig, Stanford Undergraduate Student

1122. Mary McDevitt, Stanford Director, Technical Communication Program, School of Engineering

1123. John Schiavone, Stanford Undergraduate student

1124. Dean Lahana, Stanford Graduate student, physical chemistry

1125. Maryann Benny Fernandes, Stanford Graduate student

1126. Jody Maxmin, Stanford Faculty

1127. Akshay rawat, Stanford Ha

1128. Madeline Bernstein, Stanford Conservation Program Technician and '20 '23 Alum